More Energy NOW!

What is the standard you want to set for your healthcare? What is the standard you want to set for your life? What if the goal was to have MORE? More energy, more resourcefulness, more productivity in all aspects of your life.

What we know is that every disease, disorder, or trauma that you experience in your life is an expression of your body trying to preserve energy and resources for survival. This preservation and bound energy show up in your body and your life as pain, disease, inflammation, diagnoses, prognoses, altered spinal curves, conflict, stories, excuses, reasons, and the list goes on.

Believe it or not these conditions and circumstances that bind your energy are actually very smart adaptations of your body and nervous system to the external world. The question becomes, “How do you begin to re-route or liberate your bound energy so that your body can self-correct and heal itself from the inside-out?”

One solution, which is the foundation of the practice at Beyond, is a system known as Re-Organizational Healing (ROH). This system stands at the juncture between Health Care and Personal Development. It is a system based on optimizing your body and your life by helping you create a map toward sustainable strategies to improve your energy, resourcefulness, and productivity.

So, what are some Re-Organizational strategies you can do to start liberating and accessing more energy, right now?

  1. Set time aside each morning to set the tone for the day. Meditate, set intentions, practice gratitude, or visualize how you wish your day to unfold.
  2. Prioritize your Self-Care. Be specific about when and how you will plan time to recoup and recover.
    • Make time to read
    • Eat at healthier fruits and vegetables
    • Attend a retreat or make your own daily retreat
    • Go work out or at least get outside; take a hike, walk around the block
    • Get a massage.
    • Set a timer to take micro breaks during your day at work.
    • Our favorite, of course, is make time during your week to get on the table at Beyond Chiropractic.

There are a multitude of things you can do. Find what works for you.

  1. Focus on what brings you Joy in your life. Make a list of things that do NOT bring you joy and a list of things that do. Make a ‘Joy List’ and start taking action to live more from that list.
  2. Be intentional about what you put your energy into. Avoid wasting energy on things that don’t matter, like the car that just cut you off or the long line at Starbucks drive through. Focus instead on being present with friends or family, accomplishing tasks at work, and activities that help you generate energy to give, love, serve, and do more in your life, aka the ‘Joy List’

You can start implementing these suggestion’s right now. Take a micro break after you read this. Get up from your desk, stretch, move, dance. Set a new standard for your health and your life. Go ahead, you deserve MORE. Trust us when we say that taking action, no matter how small, will help you begin to experience more energy, resourcefulness, and productivity in your life today.

We are a team of chiropractors who are committed to helping you achieve optimal health, well-being, and a life beyond what you thought possible.

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