Symptoms: Problem or Answer

When you go to any doctor they will all ask you what are you experiencing?  What are the symptoms you are having?  Then the symptoms are typically treated directly with medicine, stretches, adjustments, etc.  We are taught to look at our symptoms as negative and something that needs to be ‘fixed’.  What if we told you this isn’t the only way to look at symptoms.  What if we told you your symptoms of pain, sickness, less energy, etc. were meant to interrupt your life.  We look at symptoms and disease in the office as opportunities to learn more about ourselves, about the nature of our lives, and what’s possible.    
Think about someone who has heart trouble and scheduled for heart surgery.  When treating the symptoms we would perform the surgery and consider the success of the surgery as the cure. The person then would not return to the doctor unless they had another episode with their heart. 
What if the same person instead of just addressing the symptoms through surgery decided to change their diet, increase their exercise, and spend more time with family? Instead of seeing the symptoms as a problem they see them as the cure, as a lesson to be learned about the condition of their life.
What is the difference between these two approaches?  One is a restorative approach, which seeks to only put us back where we started just before having a problem.  This approach can be illustrated through the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.  After he fell of the wall he could not be put back together again, which is what a restorative approach seeks to do. While it can be important in some situations it is not the most efficient way to heal.
The second approach is known as re-organizational healing, which seeks to optimize our nervous system to be more energy efficient allowing us to make change, take new actions, and have a new relationship with our spine and body.  In this approach we realize Humpty Dumpty cannot be put back together again, but must be reorganized.  In his case the only option is scrambled eggs, but in our case it is hope, trust, courage, and wanting to build a better life.

At Beyond Chiropractic Re-organizational healing is the clinical approach we take to improve the lives of our practice members and our community.   We will be taking you on a journey through our philosophy and how we approach the nervous system in the re-organizational model.

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