The Best Things In Life…

Think about a time in your life when it seemed like the worst thing had happened to you, but it turned out to be the best thing?

That moment when you got fired or laid off from an awful job and it helped upgrade your professional life to the next level. Think of that time you left a relationship, either romantic or platonic because it no longer served you and it was the best decision to move on. What about a time when a symptom or disease, instead of being the worst thing, became the best thing in your life?

The moment or moments that come to mind are times in your life you've accessed reorganizational healing. These moments are disturbances suggesting a change in perception, action, or both are necessary for some aspect of your life.

Give this question some thought this week. What has happened in the past, or what is happening right now, that you didn't even realize is the catalyst for your growth and evolution? Self-awareness is the cornerstone to your healing journey and is the fuel for your most extraordinary life.

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