Feeling Better? OR Better Feeling?

Health care as you know it is focused on getting rid of your symptoms and conditions. You have been taught this since childhood. If something is hurting mom kisses it to make it better. If it is more significant, you get a doctors prescription to make it go away. If you are disturbed you reach for caffeine, television, alcohol, food or other sub- stances to numb yourself, all in the attempt to silence what you are feeling. The question becomes, is this in your best interest?

All of your senses are necessary from seeing and hearing to feeling. What you are able to sense allows you to respond, react, and adapt. If you put your hand on a hot stove are you better off to feel it or not? In fact, some very serious conditions, such as leprosy, involve the state of not being able to feel. You have the most intricate and sensitive sensory nerve system of any creature on the planet. This has evolved over millennia to create a being that is the most fit to survive. Stress, tense muscles, anxiety, aches and pains are the way your body sounds the alarm that your neural circuits are fried. They are signs your nerve system has failed to adapt to a physical, chemical or emotional event. From the fall over your bicycle handlebars as a kid to the grief you experienced with the loss of a loved one. These diagnoses or grouping of symptoms are survival strategies that, for a short time, are effective for you to get on with your life. However, as these patterns ingrain in your nerve system they leave you disconnected from who you truly are and impact your quality of life. The traumas of your past literally alienate, isolate, separate part of your physiology from one another. You end up living in a body armor of your history. The symptoms you experience are messages for you to pay attention. Your nerve system is trying to force you to make a change. The healthier you are the more subtle the messages and the quicker you respond. The sicker and more disconnected you are the louder the messages. The symptoms have a greater impact on your ability to live your life. If you were in the jungle would it be more advantageous to recognize a lion by its roar or its breath? Sometimes waking up is hard to do and the longer you hit the snooze alarm the harder it is to wake up.

In our current model of healthcare the goal is to return you to the state you were in before you had this symptomatic situation. This in no longer good enough for you.  That previous state is the state that got you to the situation in the first place, to the symptoms you are experiencing or the condition you have.

Disease care is further anesthetizing you from your life to help you survive short term and for crisis recovery. A new paradigm of Health care and wellness care is emerging and we are bringing it to you at Beyond Chiropractic. This new model is about better connection to your physical body, your emotional and mental state, and your social well-being.

It’s a model of healthcare that looks at your whole being. That’s because healing is the process of becoming more whole. As you have greater connection to your yourself you will feel more. When you can feel more you can do more, be more, and show up for yourself, your loved ones, and for your life. This is why we say, “the care of your spine is not just about your back, it’s about your life.”

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