How do YOU Make Change?

Every posture (structure) of your body has associated behaviors and perceptions.  Think about the posture of your body when you are sad.  Your shoulders may be slumped, your chest becomes narrow, and your breath becomes shallow.  Now think about your posture when you are angry. Your fists and jaw clench.  Your muscles tighten up as you feel the anger coming over you.  Lastly, think about your posture when you are happy.  Your chest expands, you feel light, you stand tall, and you take deep breathes.

There have been multiple studies looking at your postures (structure) effect on your behavior and perceptions.  One study performed involved mild to moderately depressed women who presented with a depressive posture of slumped shoulders, anterior head carriage, and fatigue.  The study required them to stand in front of their mirror and perform the following changes in their posture:

  1. Look straight ahead, straighten your back, and level your shoulders.
  2. Stand tall and think about stretching the top of your head to the ceiling.
  3. Take deep long and deliberate breaths.
  4. Smile as wide as possible.

The study revealed that those told to perform the postural changes daily had the greatest change in their depressive symptoms.  Participants reported improved mood, alertness, less fatigue and anxiety compared to control groups.

What’s the take away here? When looking in the mirror participants engaged three aspects of their physiology to produce a positive change in their health.  The change in posture itself is the structural aspect of your physiology.  Viewing yourself in the mirror takes into account the perceptive aspect of your physiology and the change in breath, stretching toward the ceiling, and smiling affect the behavioral aspect of your physiology.  At Beyond Chiropractic and in the Reorganizational Healing paradigm this is known as your triad of change.

What we know is that before you can make a change you have to know how you live your life. The care you can receive at Beyond Chiropractic helps you to identify which aspect of your physiology drives change in your life.  This occurs through the process of creating coherence between your structure, behavior, and perception, along with helping you to access more energy from within your body.  Your bodies internal wisdom can then organize to a higher level.  In other words, you’ll see improvements in your health and life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  When your body and life become more coherent, we can understand how you live your life and continue to modify your care to keep you on an upward spiral toward optimal health, energy, and vitality.

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