12 Stages of Healing not Curing

12 Stages of Healing not Curing

What’s the difference between Healing and Curing?

With Curing, there is an “IT” to get rid of. Th “IT” may be a pain, disease, and area of our life, or even a person or people in our life. Either way there is something that is holding you back from expressing health.

There is an urge to drug the pain, cut out the problem, force a change. Anything to avoid the out of control feeling of the suffering that may be there. While this may be the necessary path for anyone at any given time, it is not the only one. This is the theme of the first 2 of the 12 Stages of Healing.

Healing is an alternative to Curing. With Healing the symptom or the “it” may or may not change, but you change and you make progress; in relation to your “it” and ultimately in your life.

With Curing, the symptom may or may not change but you don’t. Curing is about getting back to the state of how things were before the ‘IT’ came along. Often if the symptom goes away, it eventually comes back in another form to once again try to get us to pay attention where we have not.

With Healing, you find the resources to pay attention to your body, mind, and areas of your life where you couldn’t before. Thus, your spirit gets satisfied and a deeper peace ensues with life — just as it is. Paradoxically, this peace is not complacent and leads to lasting progress that improves life in a sustainable way.

The 12 Stages of Healing are Non-Linear

You may be living in several stages at an entry into greater Discovery/Transformation/Awakening and Integration in your life.

Also, you do not need to understand any of the science or the how behind Network Spinal (NS), and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) to receive the benefits. The process is an organic one and your healing will unfold naturally.

Season of Discovery

SUFFERING – Different from pain, suffering is marked by a profound awareness that “something is wrong.” Parts of your being have been separated from your Innate Self. This especially occurs when confronted by a traumatic or chaotic event or loss. The lesson of this stage is the acceptance that nothing works at this time, and that you are presently helpless. This stage is especially avoided at all costs in our culture, yet without meeting this stage, you can never fully grow beyond the hurts. The awareness of this disconnection is usually made as you draw upon more of your energetic and consciousness resources.

POLARITIES AND RHYTHMS – This stage begins with the search for the MAGIC GENIE who can, or has been identified as the savior from your distress, pain, or crisis. You project from your alienated, isolated, traumatized, hurt, shamed or ignored aspects of your being. These parts try to gain power over your helplessness through external authorities, procedures, treatments, etc. Eventually, as you heal, you discover that what you blamed or projected as being so wrong, (the cause, as we see it), is not so bad. Or you see that your Genie is not so magical. You begin to become aware of your rhythms and polarities, and discover you are somehow involved in process; and you are partially responsible for your distress.

STUCK IN A PERSPECTIVE – This stage of healing involves the recognition that your distress is associated with the fact that you have been stuck in a perspective. Your concepts or your physiology have been fixated. You do not yet know why you’ve been stuck, or what to do about it. You just need to be with the simple revelation that you’ve been stuck.

Season of Transformation

RECLAIMING OUR POWER – This stage of healing is one in which you realize that the “script” determined by the above three stages no longer works. Initially, you are angry that we had lost our power, and are determined not to let it happen again. As you progress through this stage, you choose to no longer dishonor yourself, because you truly get that you deserve more.

MERGING WITH THE SUFFERING – to gain access behind the illusions and isolated consciousness and rhythms. – This stage is associated with having a strong enough sense of self to turn back onto our own “shadow” to heal the illusion and create more wholeness. At this major stage of healing you can appear on the other side of your illusionary self.

PREPARATION FOR DISCHARGE – building momentum and flexibility. The alienated, traumatized, denied or redirected consciousness or energy is being prepared for discharge and resolution. You will feel the tension building within yourself as this process advances. You find ways to create change and improve flexibility to continue the process.

RESOLUTION through discharge – Discharge of electrical energy is associated with a discharge of mechanical energy. This may be discharge of the muscular system, such as movement of the trunk or extremities. Processes such as fever, coughing, sneezing, or vomiting are common forms of discharge. Crying, screaming, and laughing are also discharge phenomena. When the discharge occurs after the previous 6 stages, resolution can occur with the discharge. If a sense of accomplishment, peace, and inner strength does not accompany the process, then the resolution stage has not been achieved.

Season of Awakening

EMPTINESS – After the discharge you are emptied. This is not a space of nothingness, but instead a place of possibilities. You enter into a state of gratitude, vulnerability, connection with our external rhythms, and alignment with the events around us. You not only trust, but expect serendipity to be available for us as a natural way of life.

LIGHT BEHIND THE FORM – From your place of emptiness and gratitude, you can be aware of your fullness of light and energy. You experience that you are more than your physical body, and actually become aware of the flow of life force energy through you. You may even experience your energetic connection to others. This occurs in combination with awe and joy for the process.

ASCENT – There is an awareness of being not just an intelligent form, but as INTELLIGENCE itself! Not just as a house for Spirit, but as Spirit Itself. You experience your union with the Creative force of the Universe. You transcend all limits, boundaries, language, judgements, and your existing sense of self. You receive the gift of knowing the oneness of all of creation, and gain immense wisdom during this stage.

DESCENT – You are renewed beyond your limits and sense of self. You enter into the world again. You know that you are part of all you perceive and are responsible for what you know. You live without being attached to your situations. You love and serve life and others. You communicate with yourself and others “through” your gifts and wounds instead of “from” them.

COMMUNITY – You experience your involvement with humanity and recognize that wholeness comes from bringing our gifts of individuality into community. You receive the gifts of individuality, from within yourself and from others. You begin to recognize that all of your choices are spiritual ones, and affect all beings. This occurs in your internal and external communities. Eventually, you recognize that the limits of what you can bring to community stem from your own lack of wholeness. Therefore, you seek to re-experience the rhythm of Stage One.

Don’t think – BE!

You cannot think your way out or figure your way through any stage. Each stage represents one of 12 rhythms of consciousness of humanity. Be with the stage you are in. Don’t resist the stage, honor it. The stage will come to completion as you’ve merged with the rhythm it has to offer you.

Each stage has a rhythm of its own. No one stage is better than another. Many people remain in a couple of these stages for several years, and other stages for at least months, never fully claiming all twelve stages.

Those receiving Network Care and SRI tend to move through the 12 Stages of Healing much more rapidly, and sometimes all twelve stages in a few minutes. The ability to move back and forth through the stages as needed for your healing is ideal. This is more likely to happen with a flexible and adaptable nervous system.


This information is not meant to suggest that the 12 Stages of Healing, or Somato Respiratory Integration or Network Spinal Care are substitute for any form of health care. Any time you feel as if you need help, seek out the assistance of the proper medical health professional.

Each of you may choose symptom or disease care at any time and at any stage. However, this has little to do with healing. It is suggested that after a condition is “under control” that you continue on your journey to experience the 12 Stages of Healing.

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