At Beyond Chiropractic our process uses a gentle and honoring approach known as Network Spinal Care. This care is part of a new emerging healthcare paradigm called Reorganizational Healing (ROH). Within this healthcare model, we are allowed to see your body, spine, and nervous system as one-of-a-kind. This allows your care to be personalized to your unique spinal healing patterns, which helps you move effortlessly toward optimal health, energy, and well-being.

Your personalized spinal adjustment consists of gentle, specific contacts along the length of your spine. These contacts allow you to naturally reduce negative stress and tension from your nervous system, as well as, begin to upgrade and optimize your physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Benefits of Network Spinal Care

Less physical pain, greater mobility, less illness, tension, and discomfort

*Improved response to stress to daily problems

*Improved life enjoyment, positive feelings, lifestyle and overall health

*An overall increase in the quality of personal life, relationships, and career

*Less anxiety, concern, and fear of the future

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