Pain has meaning and purpose and is important from an internal perspective. Pain, disease, and dysfunction are representations of various aspects of an individual’s energy level, health and life. These physical, mental, and emotional manifestations should be seen and serve as a source of growth, understanding and opportunity for healing. With such a depth of meaning, pain, disease, and dysfunction become the catalysts for you to grow, and in doing so, allow you to become stronger, heal yourself, and live more fully.

At Beyond Chiropractic, we push past limits and boundaries of what wellness is through a new emerging healthcare paradigm called Reorganizational Healing (ROH). We use two primary techniques – Network Spinal (NS) and Somatic Respiratory Integration (SRI). Both help individuals draw on personal strengths to create sustainable progress. We know that in order to live a life beyond what you thought possible, you must see yourself in a new light. Drawing back the curtain and revealing the truth of who you are, leads to a restored, more fulfilling and meaningful existence.

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